Thursday, August 6, 2015

Following Hopeful Threads - The best way for you!

There are a variety of ways to keep up with what is going on around here, and with me in general. Here's a list of the different options, with a brief idea of what to expect from each, so you can decide which is best for you!

My current favorite sharing outlet is Instagram! It's quick, easy to use and fun to be able to interact with folks in the here and now. It also allows me a chance to share some closer, kind of "behind-the-scenes" looks at what's going on in our lives. You can find me on Instagram @hopefulthreads and my destash account, @hopefulthreads_destash.

Facebook is still one of my post popular outlets, but with their constant changes and audience limitations, I fear I'm not reaching but a fraction of you. If you have liked the Hopeful Threads facebook page, but sure you have clicked the "following" option in the header of my page, this should help me to show up in your feed more often. I share a variety of inspiration and encouragement posts here and have links to my other social outlets on my facebook page as well. I'll also occasional link you to tutorials, sales and giveaways I run across. You can find me on Facebook HERE.

Twitter tends to be a faster pace than I can keep up with most days! lol! ;) However, I do tweet my blog post links there, as well as, different sewing inspiration and giveaways. From time to time, I will also tweet things I find personally relevant. While twitter may be a bit more scattered thoughts style for me, it's still a great way to make sure you are in the loop of what sewing outreach I am currently participating in. You can find me on Twitter @hopefulthreads

I still enjoying scrolling through, and saving lots of tutorial and inspiration links on Pinterest. I use Pinterest regularly when sewing! It's such a great way to easily organize my interests and be able to access it whether waiting in the doctor's office or shopping for that specific pattern I forgot at home. :) I have a LOAD of sewing related pin boards and you can choose to follow all or only the ones that are of particular interest to you. You can find me on Pinterest HERE.

While I'm not as consistent as I once was, I still enjoying blogging from time to time. I will share updates and tutorials here. You can choose to follow my blog through Bloglovin' or by email through Feedburner by entering your email address in the necessary box on the top of the sidebar on the right. 

There you have it! Keep up with all the creative and crazy fun around here the ways that are best for you! And THANKS for being a follower! Interacting with you all makes this journey so much more fun!


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