Friday, April 6, 2012

Dress A Girl - BASICS

Hi Friends! To collectively address some of the questions about our Dress A Girl sew along this month, I've compiled a list of the BASICS. Please don't hesitate to email me with further questions! I appreciate your interest and participation and am happy to help how I can!

Any size and any modest style dress is welcome. 
Please just make sure the fabric you are using is not see through.

Check the Dress A Girl Website here under the tab "Who We Are", there is a list of state/area representatives and international partners there with their contact information. You can send your dresses to any one of them. To save on shipping, I had originally suggested your closest representative.

Other Practical Tips and sewing information can be found at Sew Delightful!

If you would like to participate in the group excitement here at Hopeful Threads throughout the month, I have created a Flickr Group Album just for our April 2012 - Dress A Girl Project. You can find the group here. Simply join the group and then you can add your photos. If you have any trouble or prefer, you can email me your photos to add for you. Whichever you do, please include the following:
  • Your Name 
  • Which Dress A Girl Representative you will be sending your dress to.
  • Your Blog (optional)
Please note, I'm allowing bonus entries in the current giveaways for participation! :) And this might just continue to be important throughout the month....lots of lovely prizes in store! :) 

So, keep it simple, have fun and SEW SOME DRESSES! :)
I'm having such a great time watching the pics come in one by's like Christmas with every new picture added! :) I appreciate all of your enthusiasm, participation and encouragement!


Manuela © said...

I find this roundup truly amazing.
I started sewing recently and I used the links you provided to make my first dress to offer to one of my nieces that will have her birthday next weekend. I did it today and it was really exciting and easy to do it.

I didn't understand exactly where are the dresses being sent? Is there any adress?

Anonymous said...

Just shared a picture of the four dresses I've made to your Flickr group. I'm planning to make more next week but wanted to share these before the Easter break. Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow. Hugs ~ Mary

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