Wednesday, September 19, 2012

American Hero Quilts / Aussie Hero Quilts

Ok quilters....this one is especially for you! :) 
American Hero Quilts is doing some very special work!!!

From their website:
"American Hero Quilts were born out of the love and compassion of one determined Washington State woman. Her dream is that each of our injured troops...receive a "hug" of appreciation. These "hugs" are exceptional patriotic, heirloom quality quilts."

As you scroll the the pages and images on the site it is clear this group is determined about their goal! The Gallery is packed with the most beautiful images of carefully and lovingly crafted quilts.

Read through some of the testimonials and comments and you will instantly see clearly the amazing impact this outreach is having on individuals and their families....on both ends of the and receiving!

You can also learn about an Aussie blogger doing a similar thing to support their service men and women here! Love it!!!
AHQ Blog Button

Both very meaningful and inspiring outreach efforts!


Amy said...

What a lovely idea! Makes me wish I was a quilter. :)

HalfDozen said...

I'm so happy to see you list this great cause,
we are a recipient of one of their quilts,
here is my thank you I posted to them after fining them on FB the other day.

"Glad I found you, I wanted to give you all a big hug and huge thank you for the loveliest quilt that my husband received while in-processing into WTB. after 6 deployments, an ied hit, a hip injury w/ medivac out, and his current condition, your quilt truly shows how much the Nation cares and says thank you to him in a very big (yet quietly) way ♥ "

Joshua said...

If you'd like to share another group that gives quilts to injured vets, I recently found Wrapped In Liberty And Justice. They just started out a short while ago, so not many people know about them.

Here's their page.

Thanks for all your doing for our troops!

Kristy said...

Thank you Joshua! I will gladly check it out and share on our facebook page! Blessings to you! :)

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