Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2013 - Monthly Project Announcement!

So.....WHO'S READY TO SEW???????????????

Good!!!!! Me too!!!!!! :)
And I'm excited about the first project of's another great one, supporting another great outreach already in action!

I have some local friends who regularly work with and provide for the homeless in our community. They not only look to provide physical needs, but also build and nurture relationships, encouraging each they come in contact with. The outreach started as a simple Girl Scout project to provide bottled water to homeless individuals....thus it's name, Water Angels. This simple gesture has turned into a ministry that serves thousands of people annually! Love how One Small Thing turned BIG!!!!

 This time of year when it's getting cold around here, they provide blankets and shoes as part of their outreach. They recently provided over 500 pairs of shoes as part of their Christmas Service & Meal!  When I got to thinking of how we might could help them, I imagined those with very little stability in their lives needing a lot of things. I started to feel overwhelmed and had to remind myself of what I often share small thing at a adds up! One thing I thought would be nice for us to easily sew would be a Tote Bag or Backpack for them to carry their belongings. So, that's what we are going to work on for our January 2013 Project!

Here are a few simple, free tutorials to help you get started, but you can of course use any you would like.
There are many other options on my "Sewing & Stitching" board on Pinterest here too.

Think STURDY and LONG LASTING as you make your fabric selections.
All ages and prints for men, women & children welcome.
Additionally, there is always a significant need for toiletries and socks, so if you can include any of these kinds of items with your bags, that would be WONDERFUL!!!! Do you have a friend that is a dentist? Great! Ask for some extra toothbrushes or toothpaste! Got a discount store near by? How about purchasing some non-perishable, nutritious food items like granola bars to add to the bags. There are so many great items we can include to show our support and care for those in need....have fun with it and get your kids involved! Mine LOVE to participate in these kinds of things!
Saw this pic/idea on a friend's facebook page, they called them "Blessing Bags" and they kept them in their car to hand out anytime they saw someone in need. What an awesome idea!
If you would like to participate this month, but don't have time to sew, then PLEASE feel free to send items to help fill the bags. Everything you give will be much appreciate and put to good use!

When I asked how many they typically serve each week, the Director shared that it was around 150. She has only asked for 50 bags. I think we can beat that though don't you????? :)
These are the kinds of items that can ALWAYS be used, so I say let's see if we can just blow them away with our outpouring! 
I especially need your sewing help this month, as we are still adjusting to our precious new addition, so let me just say THANK YOU in advance for your enthusiasm and willingness to jump in! :)

Now, if you have a local homeless outreach that you would like to support with your sewing this month, by all means, do so! If you'd like to specifically help support the outreach of Water Angels that I am coordinating, then just email me when you are ready to ship your item(s) to me and I'll send you the mailing address. I intend to deliver these HOPEFULLY stuffed bags early February.
You can add pictures of your finished bags to our January 2013 Project Album here

So join me! Let's "Bag It Up!" and show our care and compassion for the homeless in our communities by sewing and filling these special bags just for them!

Learn more about the Water Angels outreach on their website here.


Sondra said...

Another important project! Great way to start 2013, Kristy! Hugs to you and the Smith Family!!!! XXXXX

Shasta said...

Kristy...I just want to make sure and wondering if you have a list. If we can't sew this month, we can send "blessing bags"? Do you have a list of what goes into them? Great idea! Something my kids would REALLY enjoy doing!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

I've just had a look for equivalent organisations in Australia. I have a couple of leads and a couple of ideas. In the meantime, I've displayed this month's button in my sidebar.

JeniV said...

What a wonderful project!

Teresa aka MarieSews said...

Great minds think alike! I've been thinking about doing something like this for the homeless people I see on a regular basis. What I hope to do is make a few - one to send to you and some for my local community. Now, to get organized and use up some of the fabric falling off the shelves. Thanks for the direction and the opportunity

Unknown said...

I used to volunteer at a community services center/thrift store and we had homeless (or nearly so) people in there needing help pretty much everyday. So people could find a place like that near them they could give to.
It may sound odd but sometimes in the "blessings bag" animal food could be useful. We had some homeless people come in that had animal companions. Being alone on the street they feel for the abandoned animals and it may be their only friend and shared source of warmth.

Kristy said...

What a special point Amber! Thank you for sharing that!

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