Friday, May 17, 2013

Home-made Pet TREATS!

  This yummy donation for the May Project required peanut butter and oats instead of fabric and thread!
The kids LOVED getting to help with this and we made 4 batches! :)

They smelled so good mixing and baking, we could hardly wait for them to cool to see what Sophie thought. Sophie buries EVERYTHING!!! No really....everything. She LOVES to hide her treats and bones all over the back yard. But not these. She chomped down as many as I let the kids give her! 

When we were done baking, we broke out the scrapbooking supplies and made these little labels for the bags. We included the ingredients just in case. 
Slid a few treats in a cello bag, added our label, and we have a bunch ready to be added to our other donations for our fur friends this month!

Lots of creative ways to show our support for pets, pet care and bonding opportunities this month. 



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