Thursday, May 30, 2013

These are the moments.....

The moments that stop you in your tracks.
When I am privileged to receive photos of those we sew for using the gifts we made especially for them, well, there's nothing else like it!

These moments are always a reminder of WHY we do what we do each month, and WHY Hopeful Threads even exists. 
It's humbling and inspiring in overwhelming ways at the same time.
The blessings I receive from sewing with you all each month for such meaningful projects far, far outweighs the time, effort and resources invested. 

If you participated in the February 2013 Project and helped make child-sized bibs, may these photos encourage you and bring you BIG SMILES today!!!

(All photos property of Hidden Treasures Foster Home/Loaves and Fishes International. Used with permission. Please do not copy of reuse without permission.) 
 How about the sweet faces of the children you took the time to sew for!!!
Doesn't it feel amazing to see something YOU made in use for the purpose you made it!?!?!

This was part of the message that accompanied the photos....
"We are so touched because we can feel the outpouring of tender love, quality of workmanship and genuine giving that went into the making of each bib.  These bibs brighten the daily life of not only the children but everyone who cares for them and visits the home.  The variety of patterns and colors makes a person smile, and I believe makes the child feel very special.  Thank you!!"

  I personally love seeing photos of caregivers with the children. You can see the bonds and love and tender care that are being nurtured. I am so thankful for organizations like Loaves and Fishes International that are making such a difference in the lives of so many!

If you don't see any of yours in the photos here, don't worry. :) There were so many made for the project, (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!) that they are having to be sent in smaller bundles with different travelers. This means they will continue to receive these cheerful and useful items for months to come. I love it!!!

Thank you. 
Thank you for being such a huge part of my dreams materializing. 
Thank you for caring for these precious children and all the others we sew for each month. 
My heart is so full!
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