Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Button Bling! + Tutorial!

How about a little more button fun this week???
Today I'm sharing some "BUTTON BLING" we made up in a snap! Whether it's earrings or rings, I'll show you how quickly you can be stylin' with your favorite buttons. I have a "thing" for buttons, and often find ones that I don't have a specific project for, but love so much they find their way into my stash. This is a perfect way to showcase them so you can enjoy them regularly!

 For the rings you'll simply need...
Ring Base of your choice (we've bought these at Hobby Lobby & online on Etsy)
Colorful & Funky My Buttons from or JoAnn's

All it takes is a dab of that super strong E6000 glue like I shared in my Button Bows tutorial placed right on the center of the flat of your ring base. Center your button on the ring base and allow to thoroughly dry. Then, make another...and another! :)

All set for some fun & unique accessorizing!

The earrings are just as easy!
For the earrings you'll need...
Earring Flat-pad Studs (we found our's online)
Some SUPER CUTE My Buttons found at or Joann's.
If your buttons aren't flat backed, you'll need that handy Button Shank Remover to snip the shank off. Then, just a little dab of that super strong glue, center your button choice on the pad of the earring and allow to dry thoroughly. (Remember from before I suggested using this glue outside since it's so stinky!) ;)
 Aren't they adorable!?!?!?
And just think of the endless number of styles and colors you could have in no time! 

Once again, a BIG THANKS to for sending us all the awesome buttons for these projects as well! 



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