Friday, April 1, 2011

April Project - Bibs!

We will be working on Bibs as our sewing project for April. Hope to have you join in! PLUS, I have a little extra SURPRISE to share...probably next week, so make sure and check in!

Ok, a quick google search of "free bib patterns" will turn up quiet a selection of on-line options. Here are a few I thought I'd share....

Chickpea Sewing Studio
New Conceptions
By Petchy
Prudent Baby
Made by Rae
Homespun Threads 

Perfect example of how even something as seemingly simple as bibs can provide plenty of room for creativity and a variety of options. If you have a favorite bib pattern or tutorial, please share it in the comments.

This is a pic of a very well loved one I've been using for several years. It either came from a tracing of an actual bib or from a .99 McCall's/Butterick pattern I got from JoAnn's. I've written the measurement on it for your reference if you decide to simply make your own pattern.

If you prefer the more tangible directions of a written pattern, then you will definitely want to check back in for our surprise! ;) (I'm bursting to share now, but soon enough...)

Fabric options for bibs vary just as much as the patterns. I find that cottons in the form of woven prints, flannel, terry and chenille to be the most practical for absorbing and polyesters or laminates for bibs that protect clothing. For closures, I most commonly use snaps, but velcro is also a good option.

The bibs I make this month will be part of a "gift set" of sorts that will be made up of the projects to follow over the next few months. I've yet to decide where specifically we will be donating these, because once again, there are a variety of options. I'm considering a local single mother's outreach, the local crisis pregnancy center or adding them to an orphanage donation box in the works. Depending on how many I'm able to make, maybe all 3. Love to hear your ideas as well!

Let the Bib making begin!


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