Friday, April 15, 2011

"Comfy" Pirate Eye Patch

Recently our 4 year old had to have some caps put on his teeth. This was our first experience with such, and we were all a bit concerned. Especially since it meant repeat visits to the dentist if we were to avoid the anesthesia that was originally suggested. Being very much a "boys boy", he has always liked things of the piratey nature, so my husband and I began to call these his "Pirate Teeth". He was ever so, so brave in getting each of his toothy treasures added and lucky for us, the dollar store had an abundance of inexpensive pirate treats we could give him as reward for his bravery and amazingly good behavior!

BUT....that plastic eye patch was for the birds! It was pokey and ouchie and the elastic kept breaking, making it very frustrating to fulfill our little guys new role. Sooooooo, here's our solution.

(and mama thinks it's pretty stinkin' cute too!!!)

Would you like to make one? Well, here's the step by step of our version. Printable version with patch template available here. (please ignore any misspellings.) :)  (hint, that was added because there are some!) *UPDATE* If you will attach elastic on a diagonal instead of straight as shown on template, it will fit better. 

Comfy Pirate Eye-Patch
Child sized
Because Pirates like soft things too!
arrrrrgh! Can you spot those toothy treasures?
What you need:
Felt Scraps
Fabric Scraps for lining (optional)
Elastic – length based on child’s head measurement (I used a plush foldover elastic, the thickness helps it stay put, plus the color matches!) You didn't know color coordinating was important to pirates? Well of course!
Piratey Button Embellishment (optional)
That's the ouchie plastic one I used to draw the template.
 1. Print eye-patch template
2. Trace template on felt and fabric. For fabric piece, add an additional 1/4” to allow for hem.
3. Attach elastic at both sides.
4. Iron 1/4’ hem of lining fabric.
5. Sew lining to felt.
6. Add embellishment. I choose to remove the button shank and hot glue the button on to allow for it to lay flat on patch.

7. Make a little pirate very happy & comfy!

Just think of the fun you could have personalizing these! I'm already imagining pink ones for my Pirate Princesses! Take that as a warning...more pirate projects likely to come! ;)
As always, love to have you post links to your own versions or add pics to our flickr album! 


Anne Maskell said...

That is wonderful! Your little guy looks just like a pirate. I hope everything turned out well with the dentist. Those visits can be so stressful for everyone involved!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Such a fun project!!! ... and I'm sure it has had lots of use!!!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

I used your template to make some pirate eye patches, Kristy. Thanks heaps!!!

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