Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sewin' for FUN!

Well, for my girlies! Saw this tutorial over at Cottage Mama for a super cute bubble skirt that supposedly only took 20 minutes, and I couldn't resist! Thank you Lindsay! Guess what? She wasn't kidding! Both of my girls have a comfy new skirt today, and in about an hour....considering the extra time due to busting one of my gathering stitches mid-way through, < ugh >, not bad! But aren't they cute??? My girls were thrilled, and nothing beats that!

 We had already spent the morning in my sewing room creating our version of this sweet bunny from Sew4Home. These bunnies express the girls entirely different styles, and I love that! 

Can't forget those sweet pom pom tails!
It was a very fun and creative day! Now to clean up the mess! lol! (worth every bit of it!)
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