Tuesday, July 5, 2011

JULY - Monthly Project Announcement!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, we sure did!
The kids loved the fireworks and all the cook out food was soooo yummy! My husband is such a great cook that I don't do much of the cooking around here normally, so it was a nice opportunity for me to be in the kitchen and to make some new and old recipes. A different kind of creating for a day!
I made our traditional pasta & potato salads, but I also made these new to me and AMAZING recipes I found in bloggy world...

Ashley, I think my whole family agrees that these are our new favorite meatballs! YUM-O!!!
Sweet and Sour Meatballs from Me and My Boys
Then for the sweets....my favorite part of every meal!
Aimee of Shugary Sweets offers a list of amazing recipes on her blog...I've found many that we must try around here! But for our holiday meal, this couldn't be passed up...
Chocolate Eclair Cake from Shugary Sweets
  And, since one cake is never enough with our big o' family, I also made the Shugary Sweets Pudding Cake....I mean if the name doesn't have you, come on! Deliciously gooey! Instead of using cool-whip for the topping, I used the marshmallow topping you find in the ice cream section to tie in our little patriotic marshmallow stars. (I love all the fun new jet-puffed varieties! My kids always think I'm the greatest if I cook anything with marshmallows too! lol!!!) It was a hit!

Oh my word these were good! I could have seriously made my meal of just these items! :) Thank you ladies for sharing! I will certainly be saving these recipes to use again!
All the family fun paired with summer break (and the fact that the "mommy sewing promise list" has grown to outrageous length! GASP!!! Please tell me I'm not the only one!) has helped me decide what the sewing project for July will be. 

 Family Sewing!!!

With projects for all 5 kiddos on said list, along with a couple for the cooking hubby, I think I'll stay busy! Not to mention the OTHER list the girls have going of all the things they want to sew together....should be LOTS of creative fun! :)
Besides, when you are sewing one of something it's often just as easy to sew 2, so who knows, I might just end up with a few items at the end of the month for donation or giveaway anyhow!

As always, I invite you to sew along with me!
I've even created a linky on this post for you to add your own sewing, crafting, creating with/for the family projects all month! I look forward to seeing them! Give me some more ideas for this list....or perhaps better, help me make the next!

You can grab our Hopeful Threads button from the sidebar and invite your friends to join us too!

Looking forward to all those completed projects marked off and all the inspiration you can offer for new ones to add! Join the fun and make someone in your family feel extra special with a handmade gift this month!


Ashley said...

aw you are SOOOO SWEET!!! im so glad you liked it!!! we LOVED it to:)

Michael said...

Thanks for trying out my recipes. So glad you enjoyed them!
Sewing so NOT my talent. I can barely get a button to stay on!

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