Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ruffle Hair Wrap Tutorial

This sweet hair accessory is so easy to make and versatile to use, you'll want to make up a bunch!
 Here it is tying up a messy bun.
 Perfect to end a neat braid or ponytail.
 And can even be worn as a headband!
So here's what you do.
Cut a strip of fabric 2" by the width of your fabric...or about 44" once selvedge is trimmed. This would be a perfect jelly roll project!
Finish the edges of the strip with a rolled hem.
Zig-Zag stitch 1/2" elastic down center of strip pulling elastic taut as you go. This will automatically create the ruffling effect once tension is released.
Sew or serge ends together and you're ready to wear!
If you were wanting to make this for an adult, I would suggest adding additional length to your strip if you want to wear it as a headband. This headband fits my daughter who is 9 snug. 

Sometimes good things come from getting carried away ruffling! ;)


Casandra said...

Saw your post on Threading My Way. I love anything and everything ruffly. Cute idea and easy to understand tutorial! Also checked out your post on the pattern weights and was intrigued as I always went old school and used pins. Thanks for the info!

Kristy said...

Thanks Cassandra! :)

As for pins vs. weights....once you try weights, you'll never go back and wonder why someone didn't tell you about them sooner! So much easier and quicker to use!

Have fun sewing!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

So easy to make!!! Looks like they can be used in a variety of ways.... great idea and they look fabulous!!!

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