Friday, July 22, 2011

Salvage Her Favorite Jeans (or yours) Tutorial

My daughter had this pair of jeans that she just couldn't part with regardless of how ragged and worn they had become. They were just so know the kind. Well, I do too, so I understood. But, being her mama I just couldn't bear to let her leave the house in them looking the way they did even one more time!

So, we found a way to compromise. She got to keep her jeans and I got to keep my upstanding "mom of the year" status. ;) Actually, I think we were both far more pleased with the outcome than we had expected.
Cuffed Capris
It was such an easy fix too! And since I'm sure I'm not the only one who has faced such a dilemma, I thought I'd share with you the easy steps to take your jeans from ragged out to groovin' like we did! ;)
 First, cut your jeans off neatly, above the ragged mess, then let your daughter pick out a favorite fabric to become the cuffs. (this helps with the compromise part f.y.i.)
 Measure the width of your jeans and cut 2 strips double the width + a seam allowance. We wanted a substantial cuff to show off our funky guitar print, so I made the width of our cuff 8" so it would be 4" once folded. So for our example, our strips were 8" x 16.5".
 Fold your strips in half lengthwise and sew the edges together to form your cuffs.
 Slide your jeans into the cuffs lining up the raw edges of both and pin in place.
Stitch the cuff to the jeans. Fold cuff down and press the seam up toward the jeans. (you can choose to serge the seams if you have a serger and want to...we skipped that step for this pair.)
 Top-stitch along the cuff edge on the jean side catching the seam on the inside as you sew.

Voila! Super cute Cuffed Capris your mama can be proud of!
Super simple Family Sewing project complete. 
Peace & Love returned to the home.


BluBabesCreate said...

Sew happy to hear that! The funny thing is that I had just thought of doing this with some ripped jeans! Thanks for showing!

Jenn Erickson said...

Kristy, my girls get the same way about their jeans and this is an absolutely brilliant and adorable way of giving the jeans a longer life span. Wonderful tutorial too!


ChrisW Designs said...

I wish i thought of this when my girls were little! great tip Kristy!
- ChrisW Designs

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