Wednesday, August 10, 2011

15 Years!

 15 years ago today I married the man I never even knew to dream of!
He is by far the other half of me, the one who I was created to spend my life with.
My very best friend.
The one I still look forward to seeing pull in the driveway each evening.
The one I laugh with.
The one I cry with.
The one who knows all there is to know of me (including my fabric addiction and justification of such!), yet loves me just the same.

I dare say, we had no idea on that most pleasant, family filled day 15 years ago, what was too come...
We may neither one have shown up if we had! LOL!
Yes, it's absolutely a whirlwind most days, but it's so much fun and there is no one I'd rather be knee deep in life with!
I love you like crazy my Mr. and look forward to the continuing story...
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