Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Over The Top!!!

We have not only reached our goal, we have already passed it! Last count we were at 269 cloth pads/liners being donated AND an additional 104 shields to be paired with liners. 


sew with heart 3 by Hopeful Threads, on Flickr
I can't fully express my excitement to have had you all jump in so enthusiastically in support of this month's project! It is a delight to have you sewing along with me, but even more to have you share your heart for helping others. Many of you have commented that this month's need was especially touching to you since it was something you had never thought of before. One mother even shared how her 8 year old daughter was so moved by the explanation of what her mommy was sewing that she quietly went to her room and came back to independently offer her own savings to help with this project. Good stuff! You have each reminded me of the greater purposes behind blogging this week and I am extremely grateful!

I have heard from others who are still hoping to finish pads for donation this month, so I expect our numbers to continue climbing! I will share each new entry on the Hopeful Threads facebook page if you'd like to follow along.

And of course, there is still time to link up with your contribution and ENTER TO WIN the Back to School Prize Pack being offered!

With gratitude & excitement,


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