Friday, August 12, 2011

Pad progress....are you making any???

Hope your week is going great! Wanted to take a minute to share my results and input from the Adjustable Absorbency Pads.

I love the way these turned out!

I used flannel again for the outer & inner layers, with the absorbent core made of 2 layers of terry cloth. While these pads do not have the waterproof backing provided by the PUL on the Serged Pads, they will still be a very absorbent, easy to use option.

The finished pads from the template I provided earlier this week are 10" long x 4" wide plus the wrap around wings. I used snaps again, but small pieces of velcro sewn on the wings would work as well.

The pocket opening on the bottom of the pad will allow for additional absorbent layers to be neatly added if needed. This too was an easy to sew cloth pad, and I finished 19 like this. Added to the 21 I made of the serged pad option, that will be a total of 40 pads headed to Cambodia next week! I'm pleased!

Not to mention, that nearly puts us at 20% of our GOAL OF 250 PADS this month!

So, how about you all? Any pad sewing progress to share? If so, I'd love to see, so please leave a link in the comments! If this goal is going to be reached we're going to have to have your help!

And since we know how everyone loves giveaways and prizes, we have more of that planned for those of you that do indeed sew along and help us reach that goal of 250 cloth pads....details to come early next week. :) If you have any questions at all as you are sewing, don't hesitate to give me a shout, I'm more than happy to help any way I can!
Have a great weekend!

 By the way...If you haven't entered the Izzy & Ivy Pattern Bundle Giveaway this week, there's still time! Click on over there, get the details and get yourself entered for some of the cutest patterns available! :)

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Stephanie Saunders said...

Quick question- who are you making these for? I'm trying to find a service project to do with our Young Women's church group, and this would be perfect.

Kristy said...

Hi Stephanie! There wasn't an email for you or I would have messaged you personally...but, all the details about this project can be found in the original post here,

The pads I've made so far will be going to Cambodia with a traveling friend next week. Any extra I make will be sent to orphanages in China via Annabelle's Wish.

This indeed would make a perfect group project! Would love to see your results!

p.s. we'll be having a special giveaway for anyone who sews pads, so keep watch if you'd like to enter!

Kat said...

This is cool!! Ive printed out a few different patterns and Ill be making some in the next couple days!! I love stuff like this and being able to "give back." Thanks for posting :)

All Things Beautiful said...

I didn't join in on this project, I have way too many things going on right now. However, I have made re-usable pads in the past and I have found that I do not like the velcro. It does seem like a nice option, but it doesn't take long for one to find out they don't like it. The pads will shift slightly while wearing, nothing that is a problem with the pads themselves, just the velcro. That velcro will poke into the side of your thighs and it is not comfortable. Just wanted to share my insight on the velcro for anyone who is thinking about it.

Kristy said...

Very good input! Thanks for sharing! Perhaps the next option I work on should be one without either snaps/velcro to share. If you have any pad tutorials/templates you have enjoyed using, feel free to link them in the comments here!

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