Friday, September 2, 2011

How to Make an American Quilt....

Have you seen this movie? 
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 It came out in 1995 and I'm just now seeing it. Seems I'm just coming out of the fully-animated, rainbow stage of parenting since my girls now prefer drama over Disney. ;) I must admit, it's really nice to have someone to share all the "chic flicks" with who really enjoys them with me...and doesn't snore through them! We giggle, eat secret junk food and stay up way too late and it is some of the most treasured time of my days. We are especially obsessed with movies like Pride & Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables and The Sound of Music and watch them over and over. It's fun that I hope they bring their own daughters back to my house for years from now.

This movie, How to Make an American Quilt, is one of those that I imagined harmless, but would have waited for them to see it had I watched it first. Some definite "tough" adult life topics to discuss. Nonetheless, it was a very touching story and getting to know each of the characters and their history was very interesting. 

But, the quilts were what was most amazing!
And the quilt they were working on for the main character, Finn, turned out so special!

It was truly a reminder to me of what actually goes into a quilt. How a quilt can tell a story and often does. How the quilters put a part of themselves in each quilt they make. And what a legacy quilting offers. I've yet to tackle my first quilt, though I think about it often. This makes me want to even more! It makes me want to stitch together a quilt top that my girls and I can hand-quilt while we watch our movies together and make a treasured keepsake to curl up under, along with our memories. That would be nice.


Lindsay Conner said...

Hmm, I've never seen that movie either. :) Sounds like a rite of passage thing for quilters!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy,
Congrats - you've won the 2 patterns from my giveaway. Please email me your info and I'll send them out after the holiday weekend!
addicted2tutes (at) gmail (dot) com

Garilyn S said...

I've not seen this movie yet either. I think I better go search for it on Netflix!

I wanted to add that the blog Obsessively Stitching has a GREAT tutorial called "First Quilt Ever" and teaches how to make a disappearing nine patch. I have made a few from that pattern and it is very easy. You can find her blog at

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