Monday, September 26, 2011

Booties for my layette sets

While we didn't get to go to the actual Walk For Life this weekend due to half our bunch being sick, I did get some snuggly lil' booties made to go with each of my layette sets.
I used the free New Conceptions pattern and some pastel rainbow microfleece from my stash. If you've never used microfleece, also known as microchamois, it is so creamy soft! Perfect for baby! The pattern is very easy to follow, and while the tiny pieces do take a little extra time and patience to assemble, the finished product is so cute you won't mind!
 See!? Aren't these tiny things sooooo cute!?!?!
Great thing is they look like they will really stay on too! It was always so hard to find socks that would stay on my babies when they were small.

These certainly add a sweet touch to the layette sets and would make a darling gift by themselves as well!
Personally, I think I'd like a pair in my size! :)


Amanda Dickson said...

Those are very cute...I might make some for my 10 month old...I'm still having problems with socks staying on and winter is coming!! Maybe she wouldn't be as ready to pull these off.

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