Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monthly Project Progress Report!

Well, here they are... 

My finished bloomers for January's Monthly Project.
I ended up with 1-3M, 5-12M and 8-3T. I flubbed up on my other two 3Ts, but had another seamstress agree to contribute this past week, so we should still be all good! I can determine what's still needed when packing everything up, but looks good right now.

There's still a week left for this month's focus, and I've already heard from several of you that your bloomers are on the way. I will be sure to share on facebook each time I have a package arrive and will show our complete pile together once I have them all. It's been so exciting to have you all sewing along this month! Thank you again for your help!


just jayma said...

Did you get commitment for all you needed? I would love to sew something for one of your months--but I fear my work isn't good enough to give away. LOL

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