Friday, January 20, 2012

Yo-Yo... Bring on the Snow!

Not sure if it's cold where you are right now, but around here, it's been a bit FRIGID!!! You know, those days where you don't go to the mailbox without your gloves? Yep! (it actually goes from that to cook-out weather and back in about 2 days time...such is the way of the southeast US!) Well, we decided we should at least do "cold" in style. And that all started with this HUMUNGOUS bag of handmade yo-yos we recently acquired from an estate sale...
I know! Aren't they amazing?! Every size and color you could possibly need and in a variety of delightful vintage fabrics....drool!!!! At first I had no idea what to do with them. I mean the person who made these had made entire bedspreads from them....completely hand-stitched! Talk about amazing...and a bit intimidating! just kind of happened. Some desperately plain gloves that needed a bit of pizazz and well, the rest is history!
 I made several pair as Christmas gifts with some fun buttons.

 And the girls of course needed a pair for themselves too! ;)

I've used them for embellishments on several other projects so far and the girls are full of ideas for hair accessories and jewelry, but what do you think? What is something you have either used or seen yo-yos used for that would showcase some of these delightful little creations? Leave me a comment with your suggestions and if you have a link to specific yo-yo projects that could provide us some extra inspiration, I certainly would love that!
And yes, we really are wishing for some SNOW!!! 
If it's gonna be this cold it should at least be fun right?

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Marci Girl said...

What lovely gloves, great idea! I started making yoyos probably 20 years ago, and have a ton made and a ton cut out, but I just haven't done anything with them yet!

Here are two Christmas related ideas: I found a cheapo felt tree skirt that I sewed yoyos all around the edging to jazz it up, then I added vintage buttons to all the centers, it looks fabulous! You can also make garland from them, which I guess you could also do for other seasons kind of like bunting. Like Easter pastels or something, that would be a nice decoration.

Christie said...

That bag looks exactly like the bag my great auntie Joy gave me last year!! She even had the circle cardboard cutouts in every size in there! I am still trying to find uses for them all. I love your glove beautification!

sunnymum said...

Pretty idea to decorate simple gloves. Thanks for sharing!

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