Monday, January 9, 2012

Shorts -TO- Bloomers #1

I wanted to share a super simple way to turn a regular shorts pattern into bloomers. 

First, cut and sew together the legs of your shorts according to whatever pattern you are sewing with. I used the Simple 30 Min. Shorts (with extension as noted in pattern) for the ones I've photographed.
Assuming your serger is in a good mood...mine just happened to be this day...create a nice rolled edge along the unfinished edges of the legs with your serger. (Don't have a serger? No worries, I will share a non-serged example too!)

Next, with your shorts inside-out, you will begin sewing elastic about 3/4" from the rolled edge.
I used a nice, soft, knit elastic. This should be comfortable and not leave marks on the sweet baby's legs. :) I suggest using a 3-step zig-zag stitch for attaching the elastic. It's really about the only stitch I use for elastic. It offers a little extra security over a straight stitch for an item that will be repeatedly stretched, and it also adds nicely to the gathered look in this instance. 
 You'll want to keep a nice, even stretch on the elastic as you sew. I chose not to cut my elastic until finished going all the way around, this way you won't end up with small useless scraps of elastic waste. Once all the way around I always like to back stitch a few stitches for security, clip the elastic and you've got bloomers!
Simple as that! And isn't that lil' ruffly leg just darling?!?!?!

As always, if you run into any hiccups or have any questions along the way, please just email me. I'm always happy to help as I can!


Pam @Threading My Way said...

Thanks, Kristy. All makes sense. Just a thought, could you use shirring around the legs? It would be nice and soft, but don't know how I'd know if it was the correct amount of stretch????

Donene said...

These bloomers are darling! so cute, thanks for visiting and your nice comments!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

I now love bloomers with little girl's dresses. I know, a complete turn around on my part...LOL!!!

ChrisW Designs said...

Oh these are SO cute! I wish my girls were little again....guess I will have to wait for the grandkids now! LOL...hopefully not just yet though!!
- ChrisW Designs

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