Thursday, August 16, 2012

Give Hope - Clothing

Probably an obvious need, but nonetheless a very significant one for children in foster care is clothing. As I've mentioned before, children can often come into foster care with very little of their own, and in more serious cases, their personal items, including their clothing can even be contaminated due to exposure to harmful things in the environment from which they were removed. While the foster system is set up to provide them with a clothing allowance, often times this can be delayed and doesn't provide for the immediate need. 

While "hand-me-downs" in good condition are of course a welcome option, (I'll give you some great ideas for those next week!) providing a child with a new outfit can have an impact far greater than simply clothing them. 
New clothing can influence a child's self-esteem, confidence and yes, even provide HOPE in these very difficult moments.

These are simple knit skirts I've sewn and labeled with a little size tag.
Whether you have the materials on hand to make some clothing items yourself or would like to purchase new items, clothing is a perfect donation item for children in foster care!

Don't forget!!!!
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Thank you all for joining with me in an effort to "Give Hope" this month!


Pam @Threading My Way said...

You are amazing, Kristy, with all you do!!!

giddy99 said...

I tried that code GiveHope last night and again today, but only get the message that "The coupon code you entered couldn't be applied to any items in your order."

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