Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Give Hope - Hygiene Bags

Imagine for a minute you are whisked away to an unexpected place with no time at all to pack. 
Not even the basic daily necessities.

Wouldn't it be super nice if someone had a handy little bag with all those necessary personal hygiene items to offer you of your very own???

A short time ago, Danny over at Mommy For Reals was collecting drawstring bags and zipper pouches for a special camp she is a part of. It was the first time I had made a zipper pouch, and they were so quick, easy and fun to make!

These can be made in any type or print of fabric to match age and gender, and then filled with a variety of personal hygiene products. Here are some suggestions:

Travel sized bottles of soap, shampoo, etc.
Lip Balm
Hair accessories
Just think if you were going on a trip or sending your child to visit Grandma, what would you pack?

Danny has another great, free travel bag tutorial here for a more "boxy" version that is very nice.

Hygiene Bags.
A very simple and practical way to "Give Hope".


Sondra said...

great idea and looks adorable, not sterile...

Kim said...

Very good idea! And a great way to use scraps. Thanks for sharing.

Danny Heyen said...

Awe! Thanks for posting this! I really loved all the bags that came in. We decided we are DEFINITELY going to do pillowcases, drawstring bags and these bags again next year. I STILL haven't gotten the pictures from camp to share... They all have to be approved before I can post any of them, but I'm hoping to get them up soon!

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