Monday, August 6, 2012

Give Hope - "Thirty-One" products with a purpose!

Today I want to share with you about a business idea that was developed in a mother's heart and continues for the sole purpose of providing for children in need. If you've been around Hopeful Threads for long, then you probably aren't a stranger to it, but it ties in to our "Give Hope" efforts this month and I believe so strongly in what she is doing, that I want to share with you again!
Assisting Adoption was created by an adoptive mother looking for a way to support other families on the fundraising journey of adoption. Currently, she is doing this by way of selling Thrity-One products.

It's simple really, the family that is adopting, or better yet, a friend or family member that wants to support them on their journey, hosts a Thirty-One event. This can be a home show where folks gather together to discuss the products or an on-line party like I hosted here last month in support of China Little Flower.

After the order is complete, my friend then donates her commission to the adopting family or organization allowing her to give back in a way that is very meaningful to her and her family.
( I know, isn't she the BOMB!?!? )

In addition to the commission $ for the family/organization, (this is how the Hopeful Threads fundraiser funded a month's salary for one of the nannies at China Little Flower!) the host/hostess receives benefits and free products as well based on the amount of the overall party sales.

That is how I earned this PILE of drawstring "Cinch Sacs" and totes to be filled with goodies for children in foster care this month!!!
That's right....these didn't cost me a PENNY!!!! 
The fundraiser earned enough "hostess credit" to pay for these in full! PLUS, earn me a few 1/2 price and designated free items for gifts for my family! Not bad huh!?!?! And remember, this is IN ADDITION to the $$ raised for one of my favorite organizations!

"Thirty-One" products are really incredible too! Very well made and functional, everything I have received has exceeded my expectations! It delights me to be able to give such quality items to the children in foster care in our community! I know it will provide at least a glimmer of HOPE to them on a very difficult day and that pleases my heart.

If you are adopting or support an organization that provides for children in need, orphans or adopting families and would like more information about hosting your own party as a fundraiser, be sure to check out her website....she's GREAT at her job and will do whatever she can to help your event be a success!
If you are a person that enjoys "Thirty-One" products, perhaps you'll consider shopping from any one of her current fundraisers whenever it is time for you to place an order. You don't have to know the family to support what they are doing....and what a blessing this surprise gift would be!

A simple and inexpensive way to "Give Hope".
My girls and I are having so much fun getting these stuffed with goodies to deliver! More on that throughout the week with lots more simple ideas for how you can help too. 
Bless & Be Blessed,


Melissa said...

Thank you for sharing more information about 31. I have to tell you that their products have been just amazing! I can see why you speak so highly of them now that I have a couple items. It definitely won't be my last purchase!

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