Monday, April 29, 2013

YES! There is STILL time!

 There is absolutely still time to be a part of our April Project - Fluff For Foster Care and share HOPE with a child!

A few quick options include the pre-made stuffie like the pig above that allows for a special hand-stitched touch.....doll panels like the ones below are also a very quick handmade option... 

 ...and of course, store bought stuffed friends like this amazing collection that was donated locally are another great option for those who want to be a part of our April outreach, but might be a little short on time this month. 

See this post about our tentative delivery plans.
See the incredible pile of fluff that will be stuffing our "bus" in our group album here!!!
Thank you all for making such a HUGE impact in the lives of so many!!!!



Melissa said...

Oh my goodness! So much cuteness! I cannot wait to see your car when it is time to deliver all the fluff!

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