Monday, May 13, 2013

The Power of the Pet Bond

I shared earlier this month that we have 2 cats. 
Sir Smokey is our gray male that reminds me of a Blue Russian, which has always been one of my favorite cat breeds! When we went to LOOK (yea right! That's just what we told daddy!) at cats when we were ready to add to our family, we all immediately fell in love with Smokey. He was playing with our fingers through the glass and well....

I mean look at him....

There was NO WAY we could leave without him!
The children and I quickly convinced daddy that this was the kitty for our family. And so....we went back into the store, our local Petsmart hosts one of our local rescues so that those looking for pets have the opportunity to consider adopting one of the pets looking for a home. I love that! As we started talking to the volunteer vet there that day, she shared that the other little black kitten with Smokey had been his foster litter mate in their temporary rescue home. That she was the last one left. see where I'm going! :)
So, we left that day....the day we were just "looking", with 2 new additions to our family. 

But how could we resist???

Now, I love my cats. While I have had pets of all kinds and love them all, I'd have to say I'm a "cat person". Smokey is my bud and I love him and his dominant arrogance. But.......our sweet Princess.....well, she is hands down the sweetest, most affectionate cat I have ever had and I am reminded daily how thankful I am that we said yes to 2 that day. :)
She and my son have the absolute sweetest bond. 

What about you? Do you have a very special pet? A fur friend that offers a unique bond?
I invite you to share pics on our facebook page all week as a reminder of our May Project and what we are sewing for this month. :)

And if you are looking to add a new fur member to your family, remember to check your animal shelters, humane society and/or local rescues for many, many pets looking for loving homes. 


Melissa said...

I lost my best bud a couple of months ago. He was 19 and the sweetest cat of all time. 2 years before that we lost his litter mate, who was afraid of his own shadow. I miss them both.

ChrisW Designs said...

We have 5 cats.....Hubby (Who recons he HATES cats!) kept bringing them home from his place of work....Because it was a dairy farm, people would dump their unwanted cats and kittens there and so there ....hubby would feel sorry for them and bring them mum, who now lives here too, also has 3 of his rescued cats as well as another one she rescued there are nine cats living here! LOLL LOVE every one of them and every one of them has their own special character! :)
ChrisW Designs

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