Saturday, June 29, 2013

Comfy & Reversible Carseat Strap Covers Tutorial

I recently bought a set of carseat strap covers for my Lil' Man. They were cute, but, poorly designed for their purpose. They velcro around the carseat straps and when doing so, leave a large corner of the scratchy hook exposed to rub against my little one's neck. Far worse than the strap itself. So....I decided to just make him some that I could add a snap closure to, therefore avoiding any possible irritability. Now, I'm sharing the tutorial with you in case you'd like to make some as well. :)

Here's what you'll need:
A rectangle template approximately 6.75" x 6.5" with rounded corners.
Fabric scraps for backing and print outer.
Batting or fleece scrap.
Bias trim or Fold-Over-Elastic for binding.
Snaps for closure.

Using your template, cut 2 of each, backing, batting and outer fabric.

Sandwich the batting between your outer and backing fabrics, with right side of fabrics facing out. Pin in place and baste stitch all the way around the outer edge.

 Trim around the edges to even as needed. 
 Carefully pin the open binding in place as seen below, folding down the edge about 1/2" at the beginning.
Sew along the seam of the binding all the way around. 

Fold the binding over the raw edges of your strap cover and carefully top-stitch in place.

Your strap covers will be reversible when finished as well! This is especially nice if you have a slobbery little teether like we do. :)

Add your snaps evenly on each side, and your done!

Ready to wrap them snuggly and comfy around your Little One's carseat straps!

My big kids have decided they need a bigger version of these for themselves...sooooo..... :)

Hope it's helpful for some of you!


Bright Angel said...

Going to make some of these for my (not so) little man. He never liked the ones that came on his seat and I know he would like some custom ones. Just got to get some snaps and a snap setter that won't thrash my fabric. Thanks for the great idea and how-to! :)

Melissa Graham said...

These are super cute!! Thanks for sharing.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

I could have used these when my kids were younger. I just adore the fabric!!! I'm fast running out of mine.

Unknown said...

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