Monday, June 3, 2013

Pattern Review - Weighted Vest by Ladybug Bend

The first FAMILY project I have to share with you this month is one I was very excited to make! It's the Weighted Vest from Ladybug Bend. I've been wanting make one of these little sensory vests for my youngest daughter for awhile, so when I found this adorable pattern I couldn't wait to get started!

My Lil' Miss LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Tinkerbell, so there was no doubt about what fabric I would use! I want her to love this vest since it is designed to help her learn to transition and calm herself more easily. And so far, she is crazy about it! :)

The attention to detail in this pattern is impeccable! Taya, the designer behind Ladybug Bend, is also a COTA - Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, as well as, a mother of a child with Autism. She has poured her expertise and compassion as a therapist and a parent into this pattern, and it is clearly evident. 

The inside of the vest includes individual pockets for the weight pillows that securely velcro closed. She includes detailed instructions about what best to use to assemble each cushion, even including a weight table and shopping info so you will know exactly what you need. It made it so easy!
Plus, I LOVE that the weights are removable to make for easier and quicker washing/drying....and important feature for a kid's item for sure! :)

 I made the girl's version which includes a ruffle trim along the bottom as well as on the outer pockets. I used a pre-made eyelet for the outer pockets, but complete step-by-step instructions are included for how to make and add the ruffle using fabric. 

I included snap closures for mine, but you can also do buttons or leave the vest without a closure option. 

To say she LOVED it is a true understatement!
She wore it the rest of the evening, even putting it back on when she got her jammies on AND wore it to bed....I had to sneak in and take it off of her once she was asleep. She asked for it again first thing the next morning. :)

Ladybug Bend generously provided this pattern for me to use and share with you for our Monthly Project. You can read more about it and purchase it for your own sewing in her shop here
Weighted Vest Sewing Pattern by Ladybug Bend
Sewing Experience: Confident Beginner with basic sewing skills.
Size Range: 12M - 12Y
Special Techniques: Follow directions...that's it, they are very well written!
Pattern Format: PDF
Materials Used: Cotton woven prints, trim, velcro, batting, weights as recommended in pattern.
Personal Notes: I will definitely be sewing this one again! There were several suggestions in the pattern that I want to pay closer attention to next time.....if you notice, my front ruffle turns in at the ends, it isn't suppose to and she cautions about this, and instructs on how to prevent it. Same with the velcro used on the inside pockets.....simple adjustments can be made to make for a smoother finish when not acting in haste as I was. ;) Another tip she gives & I recommend following, size up 1 size if you want the vest to button with the weights in. Ours fits perfectly without the weights, but with the weights in, we have to leave the bottom 2 buttons open. I will make the next size up next time.
GREAT, GREAT pattern! I love that someone has taken the time to make a quality pattern like this that can be fun for the child to wear while at the same time serving the purpose it was designed for.
Way to go Ladybug Bend!



Reb Thack said...

Oh, this is just perfect! My daughter is Autistic and loathes the weighted vest at school because they are too hot. This might just be the solution! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

could not be cuter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!absolutely love this, Kristy! When I was an OT I always recommended that parents make/buy a cute shirt or vest and add weights. When they did that, all the children in the classroom wanted one! So we had extra ones made! Everyone can use a weighted vest at one time or another.
Lil' Miss is sooooooo precious! and you can tell she loves her vest! Best mom every!!!!! XXXXX

Maria said...

Kristy, I found this post very interesting. I wish these vests could have been around 30 years ago! I am retired now but was a teacher for nearly 40 years...many of my students could have benefited from these. The Sunshine Linus group here in Queensland, makes these vests for the Special Schools and Special ed units.

Emma Megan said...

Yeah! This vest is just awesome. My niece will like it. You may get some valuable info about cheap weighted vest here

Aubrey said...

This is a really nice vest, but $10 for a pattern is a bit much.

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