Saturday, June 8, 2013

Official Announcement - The FLUFF Project....our ongoing effort to GIVE BACK to children in Foster Care

I'm very excited to share this OFFICIAL news with you!!!
During our April Project Finale and the delivery of nearly 400 stuffed toys for children in Foster Care last month, I decided that sewing and donating stuffed friends for this cause would become the first ONGOING project at Hopeful Threads. The response both of those participating and the caregivers that received the toys to be given out to the children was overwhelming to say the least! So very touching! Our family is excited to see where this will go! The outreach will be known as "The FLUFF Project".

I've created the above badge that you can find on "The FLUFF Project" page at the top of the blog. I would LOVE to have you add this badge to your blogs and websites and help me get the word out that this will indeed continue! 

I have already heard from several others in the Hopeful Threads community that they too have hopes of developing such an outreach within their own local communities, and provide these cheerful and hope-filled gifts to children in Foster Care near them as well. Nothing could please me more than to see this grow and grow and have an impact across the US Foster Care System! I would be delighted to share the progress of any such efforts too, so please share with us as you do this.

Remember, I have created a board on Pinterest FULL of all kinds of plushie and soft toy patterns, tutorials and inspiration to help you as you create. You can find that here, and I will be adding to it continually. 
Additionally, I have a swarm of plushie ideas stirring about in my head that I hope to create and share over time, in support of "The FLUFF Project". 

The first will be Whaley & Starla that I created in April during our original project, and I plan to have them ready to share very soon!

Every single thing you do, whether sewing, spreading the word, starting your own local efforts, purchasing a toy for donation, adding the "FLUFF" badge to your blog/website.....ALL of it matters! All of it leads to ONE MORE child that will receive a stuffed friend to comfort and encourage them during a difficult time. 

Thank you so very much! For being such a HUGE part of bringing this about, for being such a HUGE blessing to me and those who receive your donations, and for helping to make this continued effort an ongoing success! I already have a box beginning to fill and can't wait for it to be full and ready to deliver! I know this is going to be great!


Anonymous said...

Very exciting and I love your plushies!

JLVerde said...

This is so GREAT. I've been looking for an outlet for the plushies I like to make, and now I have one.

This is also a great reason to buy up som patterns I've been wanting to get.

Time to set up a box to catch all the items as I make them. When it's filled, it's off to you.

Thank you so much for doing this.

Bright Angel said...

I am looking forward to making lots more fluff! Love that this is an ongoing project! :)

make.share.give said...

Whaley and Starla look precious made of Pieces of Hope!
FYI- Colton and I took a donation for our local Animal Shelter yesterday. {Totally inspired by the May project} Can't wait to make some little puppy bandannas.

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