Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Let's Talk Textiles - An educational series brought to you by Fabric Outlet and Hopeful Threads

I'm so excited to have Kim from Fabric Outlet here today to help kick off a new educational series for us called, "Let's Talk Textiles". Kim is going to help us learn more about the products we love. 

Hi!  My name is Kim and I LOVE fabric!  I don't just love fabric...I am addicted to fabric! I love trims and notions and needle crafts and beading too! I love it all so much I had to open a store.  I own the Fabric Outlet in Yucca Valley, Ca. and online at my website and on facebook.  We started in 2005 and have now grown to include 3,500 sq ft of all the stuff I love.
  Now that introductions have been made lets talk textiles, my favorite subject.  I know that you sew a project every month and this month is a fidget apron.  The best fabric to buy for this project would be cotton, cotton broadcloth, light canvas or poplin.  What's the difference?  
  Regular quilt weight cotton is a bit misleading because it can come in many different weights!  The weight is determined by the thread count. The thread count is the number of threads per one-inch square of fabric, including vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft) threads woven together.
Some of the less expensive cottons can feel thin and/or have a loose weave similar to gauze.  These may tend to look thread bare after just a few washings. On the other hand sometimes the less expensive brands can feel sort of heavy and stiff. They still do not have a high thread count but each strand has been individually "fattened up" with starch before it is woven or starched to an inch of its life after the fact! 
   Cotton broadcloth IS actually made on a wider loom but the strands are twisted with higher fiber content.  So it may or may not feel a bit heavier but it is always a tighter weave. Poplin is a tight weave also and can be all cotton or a blend. Its characteristic crisper yet "satiny" feel is a give away. Canvas comes in all sorts of weights, from a lighter apparel weight to a home decor weight to upholstery and outdoor weight.
  Your time is valuable and if you are going to take time to sew something you should use something worthy!  That doesn't mean the most expensive materials you can find but there is no shortage of fabric choices out there.  My husband can tell you that!  
We support Hopeful Threads and would like to give each of you 2 free zippers and a 20% discount on all orders this month! Simply mention Hopeful Threads when ordering. Check out the sample album here for some great options for this month's project. 

Be sure to visit the Fabric Outlet online shop and follow on Facebook for all the weekly deals and promotions!


Pam @Threading My Way said...

Interesting to hear about the starch in cheaper fabrics.

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