Friday, July 19, 2013

Pattern Review - Tony T-Rex by My Funny Buddy

Brace yourself for some serious fluffy cuteness!
This is the newest pattern from My Funny Buddy, Tony T-Rex.
I adore him!
My littlest guy loves the "hairy" green fabric and I have been looking to make him something using it for a while now. Obviously we found the perfect thing! 

Like all My Funny Buddy patterns, this is a comprehensive PDF sewing pattern that includes step-by-step photos and written instructions. Nothing, down to the smallest details on stitching the facial features, is left out. I did all the facial stitching on my machine, but there are instructions included for hand-stitching as well.

The pattern pieces fit together easily and accurately and you are ready to get sewing as quick as you can select your fabric choices!

And since I can rarely make just one of anything, and these were such fun to watch come together, I made a couple extra of these cute lil' fellas. I intend to use them in support of the FLUFF Project either as a donation themselves or as part of a potential sale/auction....not sure yet. 

Such a friendly guy!
You can find the Tony/Tracy T-Rex pattern in the My Funny Buddy shop here.

As an extra bonus, My Funny Buddy has created an additional pattern for a My Baby Dinosaur that you can download for FREE! It includes the egg, hatching dino and baby dino all....and for FREE! Find it here. And if you do download it, be sure and take a minute to drop by the My Funny Buddy facebook page and say THANKS! :)
Before you know it, you could have your own Dino Family stitched up! And yes.....I do have an 'in house' request for such now! ;)

Sewing Experience Level: Beginner
Size Range: N/A
Special Techniques: Sewing and stuffing small doll/stuffed toy parts.
Pattern Format: PDF
Materials Used: Cotton prints, textured and chenille fabric scraps, felt for eyes & teeth
Personal Notes: Adorable, easy to sew, pleasing project. Perfect toy for all ages!



JLVerde said...

Very cute!

I just bought a new pattern from Dolls and Daydreams and hope to use it to make up some toys for the Fluff Project (well, after I get my existing dinosaurs done, and a few mermaids, and. . .)

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