Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2 Minute Pencil Pouch Tutorial!

Don't Blink!!! Or else you might miss this!
It's quick! Really, really quick!

Start with a piece of 9''x12'' pre-cut felt. Stores like JoAnn's and Hobby Lobby carry a wide selection of solids and prints.
 Fold the bottom edge of your felt up 4-5" and stitch the sides in place.
Mark where you'll be adding your snap closure, and cut a small piece of fabric to reinforce your snaps. If you'd like to use velcro instead, you'll want to measure and sew that on prior to stitching your sides.
Add your snaps and give it a test drive!

These are FAST, EASY and SUPER INEXPENSIVE to make, so why not make a few for our August Project and provide a Pencil Pouch for a kiddo heading back to school on the Pine Ridge Reservation!
Thanks in advance!


JLVerde said...

Wow, that is almost TOO easy! I have a TON of felt in my craft hoard (the 9x11 sized). I might have to give these a go.

Do you happen to know if there are certain ages/genders they need more items for? I'm watching the sales (to see if I can score inexpensive backpacks/lunch bags) so it would be helpful to know if they need more "teen" styles or "kiddie" or what.

Melissa said...

Super easy! Thank you for sharing! I am really hoping to sew this month, still trying to adjust to my new meds...ugh!

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