Friday, August 9, 2013

Sewing Essential - Tailor's Chalk

I must admit, I don't readily use Marking or Tailor's Chalk in my sewing. I've developed the habit of using washable markers with a house full of kiddos, since those are always readily available. ;)

However, when working with felt or in this case wool felt, especially darker colors, that just doesn't work well. I've read a lot of recommendations for using freezer paper, but it never seems to secure well enough to stay put for cutting the entire piece for me. So, I was surprised to find what will now be a Sewing Essential for me when working with felt, Tailor's Chalk.

This waxy chalk is easy to use, writes smoothly on the felt, and can be trimmed around or rubbed away once your piece is cut out. I've been on a bit of a doll prep/sewing spree of late, so I have broken in this new chalk very well. 

I will now keep it on hand if for no other purpose than this. 
Tailor's Chalk....easily accessible, inexpensive and perfect for felt. A new Sewing Essential for my "tool box". 

Check out my Sewing Essentials page at the top of the blog for a variety of other items I love to use in my sewing room. 


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