Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hopeful Threads - What, Why & How???

To try and sum up what Hopeful Threads is can be kind of difficult for me. While at Quilt Market, I was asked many times to do so, and the truth is, I never perfected my "elevator speech". This frustrated me a little at first, but the more I have pondered it, the more appropriate it seems.

I went to Market to help my friends and have the chance to meet in person and say thanks to so many that have supported the sewing outreach of Hopeful Threads. I was not there to intentionally promote Hopeful Threads, though was grateful for each opportunity to share. But the fact that I was unable to compartmentalize this community and the work we do each month...while awkward in the moment, actually makes me smile now. :) 

There have been several posts I've written around here highlighting the "WHY", but I think this one does a great job of expressing my heart and desire for the impact of Hopeful Threads.
In addition....
Hopeful Threads is a community effort. While my family & I personally pour a lot into the outreach each month, we could not do all that we are able to do and give all that we've been able to give without the support & participation of so many of YOU!

 Hopeful Threads is a choice. I do not sew out of obligation, it is my pleasure, and I hope the same for each person that participates in our Monthly Projects. It is a dream come true, a prayer answered. 

Hopeful Threads is growing. We are rounding out our third year of sewing to give and each month I am blown away by the continued generosity and enthusiasm surrounding our projects. 

I am reminded and inspired when I receive comments from participants about the positive impact that sewing along has had on them.......when a tutorial I have shared helps someone create a comforting or practical gift for a friend or loved one......when I receive pictures or messages sharing about our sewn items in action as they were made for. It matters. Every Stitch Matters. 

Hopeful Threads....STILL a place to share your creativity in a way that helps another. 

You can read more about how it all began on my "About Me" page and if you are interested or ever need a reminder yourself about the "WHY" of Hopeful Threads, you can always get a perfect glimpse on the "Recipients" page too. :)


Melissa said...

Beautiful post Kristy. I have loved being part of this community and I am so grateful to have found and met you online.

JLVerde said...

I second Melissa's sentiment.

You have made being charitable so much EASIER for me and I like easy (because I am, at my core, lazy). Because you put the work into coming up with the projects, I can just sit back and make things.

Thank you for that.

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Yes, a beautiful post, Kristy! You do make it easier for us to give....

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