Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Perfect Stocking Stuffers from My Funny Buddy!

If you are looking for a fun, quick and perfect gift to help stuff those stockings, the Reindeer Stuffie from My Funny Buddy is perfect!
 These little guys go together in a snap and are so cute! Perfect gift for boys and girls!

This bundle was made for some really special kids in our community. 3 of them are going to a set of brothers that along with their amazing Mama each year, they perform RACKs. That is Random Acts of Christmas Kindness. I am loving following along with their fun this year! They do the simplest yet most thoughtful things like "plug" soda machines so the next person doesn't have to pay, leave microwave popcorn taped to a movie rental box and candy canes taped to ATMs, each with a note that says "You've been RACKed!" with an explanation of what that is. Well, they inspired me! And, these little guys will be showing up in their mailbox with a message saying they too have been RACKed! :)
The 4th one is headed to a very special girl that has been going above and beyond in her family. I hope each of them likes their new holiday friend!

Maybe you can perform your own RACKs in your neighborhood! :)

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Merry Christmas!


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