Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014...A Look Ahead

Hopeful Threads is entering is 4th year of sewing to give. 
4 years. 
WOW! It's been an amazing journey filled with getting to know so many of you as we share our creativity, far and wide, in many, many ways to help our friends in need. What a blessing it has been!

While I am looking very much forward to a continued outreach in 2014, there are going to be some significant changes to the way things flow around here that I would like to share with you. 

As you saw in the post I shared yesterday, we have been very busy around Hopeful Threads.
In 2013 alone, the Hopeful Threads community has sewn and donated hundreds and hundreds of handmade gifts to fulfill a variety of needs! Some of these have included care bags for homeless shelters, bibs, blankets & quilts, school supplies and the project closest to our family's hearts, nearly 500 stuffed toys have been donated since May, to children in foster care through our ongoing FLUFF Project! 


As we look ahead to the coming New Year, it's always a time for us to pause and reflect, but also begin planning. 2014 holds some significant plans for our family personally, and so we are adjusting our calendar now to begin preparation. This includes Hopeful Threads.

Rather than having Monthly Projects as we have for the past 3 years, for at least the 2014 year, we will be transitioning to Quarterly Projects. This will allow us a more concentrated focus and greater impact per project, as well as, free up some time personally for me. There will be times when my posts are as frequent and detailed as they have always been, but there will also be times when things are a bit quieter, as I attempt to follow the ebb & flow that life presents on a day to day basis, with my primary focus being on my family.

I look forward to continuing to ride this ride with each of you and am so very grateful for your friendship, support and participation. 
Happy New Year, and.....

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