Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Good, The Bad & The Ouchie!

Well, here it is.
The GOOD....it was a very productive day around here overall and the dresses are one step closer to being done, with the binding all pinned on. The girls got several bracelets made to go with the dresses and we found a few other treats to go along too. (they were so cute matching the beads to each dress, I loved watching them be inspired by the fabric!)

The BAD....the dresses just aren't finished like I had hoped they would be today. (and won't be tonight cause it's sofa snuggy time with my fellas! :) But that's more Good!)

And TheOUCHIE...

Apparently one does not develop an immunity to pin pricks no matter how many they get! ;)

Tomorrow's another day and we'll just take it as it comes. 
Night all.


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