Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MARCH PROJECT - Cloth Diapers

Since it is the first day of March....whew, where did February go anyway??? ...and although I'll still be working on dresses around here for a few days, I'll go ahead a post the monthly project for March.


Oh yea, I already put it in the title! :) CLOTH DIAPERS is the monthly project! Personally, I don't know of a more practical, reusable item for babies. Sewing cloth diapers several years ago for those in need of them, was the first "charity" type sewing project ever for me....I'll be sure to tell that story later. Whether you are eco-conscious or whether you consider that there are places where the luxury of diapering your baby just doesn't exist, cloth diapers are a very useful item you can sew! How about places that are trying to reuse disposables because that's all they have??? Yes. This happens. Daily. And the diapers we will be working on this month will be going to a place in Ethiopia where it is. We are so excited to have the privilege of sending diapers somewhere that they will be both appreciated and reused!

There are links to FREE patterns in the sidebar for every kind of cloth diaper you can think of! (Yes Mom, there ARE different kinds nowadays!) Prefolds, Fitteds, Covers, Pockets, All-In-Ones....you get the idea. ALL ARE USEFUL! 

Now, if you are looking for a place that you can donate any diapers you make this month, well, I can help you with that too! 
First, you may be surprised how many people local to you could benefit from free cloth diapers. You can check with your local birthing center or holistic mom's group to learn of a family near you that you could bless with the diapers you make. There is also this really awesome US organization, The Cloth Diaper Foundation that collects cloth diapers and redistributes them to qualifying families all over the US. I know, A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!
Additionally, if you have a heart for the orphan or extremely impoverished, two incredible organizations I have been blessed to send diapers through before are an option for you. Annabelle's Wish gathers and sends supplies, including cloth diapers, all over China. And, Feeding The Orphans is also finding that cloth diapers are a very practical item in need of those they are serving in Ghana, Africa. They are working on projects now to try and equip parents with what they need to care for their children to prevent the possibility of them being orphaned. YES! Cloth diapers play a part in this! See??? It really is a practical item that can make a HUGE impact!

There you have it! Any one of the organizations mentioned above would be delighted to have your support! Diaper sewing for the month of March it is, so let's get with it!


Kat said...

This is cool!! I just posted a tutorial on my blog and linked it up with the same Cloth Diaper Foundation!!! Glad to see there are more people pumping such an awesome program!! :)

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