Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A lifestyle of generosity

Generosity is something I want to cultivate in my life and in my children's lives as a normal behavior. Not always a reaction to something negative...although it is very important in devastating situations like that which face Japan. Generosity shouldn't be an emotional, knee-jerk response either...although emotions will drive us to act in manner of expressing our passions sometimes. Generosity should never be a measure of our own pride or merit seeking. When I think of the message I want my acts of generosity to send to my children, I want them to witness selflessness. I want them to learn that genuine generosity is a reflection of something greater than us and our capabilities. A reflection of unconditional kindness, love and encouragement. Those are the feelings I am blessed to experience when others bestow their generosity on me.

So, with that in mind, I would like to share a little, and exercise this very lesson. :)

My most generous mother-in-law recently bought she and I knew cell phones. You know, the "smart" type. (the fact that it took me multiple days to be able to even answer the phone is irrelevant to this story....not good when your phone is smarter than you, I say!) Nonetheless, we realized very quickly that these phones weren't going to be safe dropped into our purses the way we had casually carried our sturdy flip-phones. No, these delicate, intelligent "mobile devices" (yes, apparently "cell phone" is a thing of the past...always learning!) were going to need to be carried in padded style.
Well, this led me on the search for a sewing tutorial that would produce such a protective (and pretty!) creation. That's when I found this most generous, pretty cool mama who shared the perfect, lovely, easy to follow and free tutorial for her easy cell phone pouch. Um, yea, they work equally well for "mobile devices" too in case you were wondering. I know you were. My only variations were adding a snap closure and a ribbon handle on some. They are so quick, easy and fun to make, and the fact that you can pretty much use scraps from other projects, well, even better!
And, since I sometimes get a bit carried away in my sewing....I made a few!

For my mother-in-law, to show my gratitude. For myself, to protect my new gadget. (ok, ok, I made 2 for me...I couldn't decide on a print and didn't put a ribbon handle on one, so I had to make another.) For my mom, to match the jacket I made for her birthday. A few extra to have for quick grab gifts, and, if you've read this far, this is good.....one for one of you! :) You know, sort of the generosity domino effect, trickle down, pay it forward, pass it on, random act of...you get the idea.

Bamboo, Lavender Bloom, Penelope, Tiny Seamstress
If you follow my blog, just leave a comment on this post saying which one of the 4 in the above photo you would choose if you won and you'll be entered! For added interest, if you'd like, share in your comment a recent run-in with generosity you have had or something special that provided a teachable moment for you or your child(ren) in the way of being generous. MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE A WAY FOR ME TO CONTACT YOU in case you're the winner! I'll let random.org select the winner on Friday, March 25th and will ship it out to you for your "mobile device", camera, ipod or anything else you would like to stow away. :)

Thanks for being around and for letting me share! 


Kristy said...

Bummer. Nobody posted and I didn't get to pass on the generosity here. :( Maybe next time!

Pam said...

these are really nice is there a pattern out there they would make great gifts

Kristy said...

You can find the tutorial here, http://www.aprettycoollife.com/2010/03/easy-cameracell-phoneipod-pouch.html?showComment=1300795928782#c6744231489094291797


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