Monday, June 13, 2011

Sewing 100s of crayon pockets!!!!

Ok, I might get giddy at some point in this post!!!!!!!! :D
But these bags are turning out sooooo cute I know they will be worth every, single stitch!
 I start by measuring and drawing the lines for the pockets. This makes it much easier to sew and for the most part, the pencil markings are covered by the thread.
 Here the pockets are sewn in place on the outside of the bags.
 And here I just had to test them out. FYI, they work! :)
I seriously don't think I could tire of this adorable monkey fabric either! 
Back to the sewing machine...

Linked our monthly project at:


Ashley said...

hey girl those are sew darling. i totally love them: ) who are you making so many for? whoever it is they are pretty lucky!!!!


More Kids 4 Me said...

SO CUTE!!!!!! I feel like I'm missing all the fun!!! I wanna come over!

Kristy said...

@Ashley, the bags are part of our June Monthly Project and will be donated to our local Children's Hospital for some very special little people! :)

@More Kids, come on! Sure to be fun!!! :)

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