Monday, June 27, 2011

Hello Bloggy Friends!

Hope you are having a great start to your week! We are having an especially busy start! Daddy's home and we are cramming in all those appointments and such that are just easier with 2 sets of hands and eyes! You know how it is.

I wanted to post a quick reminder....just over 3 days left to get your pictures in of the items you've made for donation to get entered in the Fat Quarter Shop $50 Gift Certificates giveaway! Need more info? All the details in this post, click here. Flickr isn't seeming so user friendly, so please feel free to email me your pictures with donation descriptions and I will gladly add them to the folder and our facebook page! Yea, we're on facebook, so you can go "fan" or "friend" or "follow" us there so you don't miss anything fun going on around here! Check out some of the latest cuteness over at the Fat Quarter Shop that you could use your gift certificate for if you win...
....or this...
...or what about this one? I'm loving this one...
 How will you ever choose???

 I will be posting my finale pictures of the Funky Monkey activity totes I've been making later this week. I'm very pleased with how they've turned out and can't wait to share them here and then again at our Children's Hospital!

My daughter was thrilled with the doll I made her for her birthday! Thanks for all your sweet comments! I also got her a pattern to make another she was very interested in, along with all the fabric and embellishments to make it happen. So that means more dolly inspiration to come I imagine! ;)

Also, I just added an "About Me" tab to the top of the blog that tells a little more about how Hopeful Threads came to be. By the way, I'm loving it! And loving getting to know so many of you!

More sewing, at least one new pattern review coming up and some fabric shopping with a friend for her own personal project this week....I never say no to fabric shopping, even if it's not for me! :)  

What about you all??? What do you have going on this week? A whirlwind of activities or some summertime slow-down sun soaking? I'm hoping for a bit of that myself....maybe next week! ;)

Happy Monday to ya!


More Kids 4 Me said...

LOVE your "About Me". :):)

Ashley said...

yay im glad your daughter loved the doll!!! i realized i was not a follower...i guess cause i always just checked it..anyway i am now!!!
and those fabrics are to die for! i love them so much:)

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