Friday, June 17, 2011

Tiny Treasures

Found a little craft shop tucked in the corner of one of the shopping centers in our little town this week that I had never been in...I know, GASP!!! I thought I could smell fabric for sale from miles away, but somehow this sweet little hidden nook hadn't been picked up on my radar. Yet.

 I'm very happy to announce that's all cleared up now! ;)
I found a few fabulous fat quarters for only a $1.29 each! And if that weren't enough, these tiny bundles for only $2.50 each that were simply irresistible!! I mean look at them! I LOVE THEM! :) 
They are just enough to make some small projects or use for an I-Spy quilt (that IS going to happen for me one day!) and not have leftovers. Plus you get a great little sampling of a line of fabric without having to buy large cuts of all the prints...kind of like the fun of Charms. Mmmmmm!

Then, my sweet mama is visiting from out of town and brought me these 2 fat quarters since green is my favorite color...

And seriously, I don't think I could get much more spoiled this week, buuuuuuut...I received this adorable package of hand-made buttons I won from Incomparable Buttons
 If you've never heard of them, you'll want to check them out! They are a company with a heart that not only offers a high-quality and very unique product, but makes a huge difference in their community! I look forward to adding more of these buttons to my stash for sure!

Have you found any special treasures lately?


Pam said...

sounds like more visit to this shop. Great fabrics

ButtonMad said...

So pleased your buttons arrived safely...thank you so much for the mention Kristy...
We have another giveaway coming up on our blog soon...previous winners welcome!

Warm greetings from south Africa

Ashley said...

hey gir!!!
thank you so much for participating in the giveaway!!! you are awesome.
all i need is a mailing address and it shall be on its way!!!
you can just e mail me so its not on the blog.
thanks again!!


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