Friday, July 29, 2011

The Sweetest Reminders...

This morning I was overwhelmingly blessed to open my inbox to these precious images...
She couldn't decide which she liked best! :)
hmmmm.....which one?
2 doll babies!
Takin' her doll for a ride!

Sweet matching "piggies"!
She did finally narrow it down. :) I'm in love!
This little fella was headed to meet his forever family. He was a little apprehensive about leaving his nanny, so his new friend helped to comfort him a bit.
Oh my goodness! I just want to stroke that beautiful head of hair! :)
This sweet nanny's face just says "love" to me and delights my heart!
I think this may have been my most favorite picture of all.
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I seriously want to squeeze him!
Babydolls, burpclothes and bibs....the simplest things that brought smiles and love to these sweeties and their caregivers. These gifts were delivered to these precious children by our friend Jeannie of Annabelle's Wish. We are so grateful for the connection she provides us to these amazing children!

The sweetest reminders of why I sew!


More Kids 4 Me said...

OH MY!! OH MY WORD!!! :):) Is this just not the whole thing all wrapped up in photos?? Bless you for all you do for those who wait.

Kristie said...

Such a rewarding feeling :-) Gorgeous, happy children!

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