Monday, November 28, 2011

SHORT STACK! - 30 Minute Shorts Sewing

The Simple 30 Minute Shorts pattern I've been sewing with this week really is SUPER simple! It was time for some new lounge wear for the kiddos, so I have churned out quite a few pair. They fit great and I haven't been able to get to kids to wear anything else! lol!
Here are the ones I've finished so far.....and they've raided my stash to request some specific ones to be made, so doesn't look like this sewing fun is quite over yet. Which is fine by me, because the only thing more enjoyable than sewing for my sweet littles is seeing them excited to wear what I've made. :)

Ok, so first up....Little Robots.
 And of course I was delighted to have a perfectly matching tag!
 My lil' guy immediately said, "Can I wear it?" and then scurried back to the giant cardboard box that occupied their playtime for an entire day after the delivery man came.

Next, the boys both wanted a Superman set.
I still have to finish their Ts with a Superman emblem, but was kind of hoping to find it as a decal I could just iron on. ;)

Then babe found this little remnant that she toted about most of the day, so I had to make her a little pair too. She was so excited! It was very sweet! Another perfect tag too! :)

Big Brother found this creepy, crawly spider print he wanted a pair from. Still have to finish a shirt for this set too, but didn't stop him from wearing them.

Lastly, my little racer picked this fabric for his special set. I finally had to make him change out of it when company was arriving for our Thanksgiving get together! ;)

These were a snap to put together and a lot of fun to make too!
And as fast as these little shorts are to make, you'll be glad you did! :)
(Plus your $5 pattern purchase supports worldwide orphan care!)


Pam @Threading My Way said...

You have been busy, Kristy. Love all of them!!! It's great when the kids show that they love the things you make for them.

just jayma said...

Where do you get your tags?? I have decided that is the missing "touch" in my handmade garments!

Simple Simon and Company said...

LOVE, LOVE comfy shorts on kids! And the superman fabric is darling!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

This is still my favourite pattern for an easy pair of shorts. Thanks for pointing me in the direction in the first place.

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