Thursday, May 3, 2012

Birthday Crown...the details!

When I shared my Lil' Princess' birthday set the other day, I said I'd share details on the crown later, so here we go! This crown was one of those creations that was very clear in my head, it was just bringing it to life that took a little work. The finished result was even better than I imagined though, which is always nice since sometimes what's in my head doesn't quite turn know how that is right? :)

The original inspiration came from this lovely book, Heart-Felt Holidays.
It has a sweet, felt crown that you can see on the cover. The crown in the book has a tie back, uses some decoupage techniques and is a more "kingly" shape than what we had imagined for our little Princess, so the girls and I came up with our own design.

Following a traditional diamond shape, I measured out our the approval of my design team....and then went to work! I cut the crown shape from 12"x18" wool blend felt, lining fabric (that matched her dress) & fusible fleece that I ironed to the lining fabric to provide the crown more body. I also cut one of each of the above for a 2"x6" extension piece for the velcro fastener to allow for a secure and adjustable fit that was easy to put on and off. 

I knew it had to have a fat cupcake to match the fabric on her birthday dress, and since she was turning 2...well...
I cut the solid pieces from wool blend felt, and the print from cotton scraps and stitched each individually. Then I stitched the felt and lining pieces together. 
I had these little soft cupcake buttons I thought about using on the dress, but since it was reversible I was afraid they would be scratchy. They were the PERFECT addition to her crown though!
 I pulled out all kinds of embellishments and had a blast getting carried away! Pre-cut felt flowers, buttons and pom pom trim! Gracious this was fun to make!!!
And BOY! did I make a mess!!!
I don't think there was a free inch of work space on my cutting table!
There in the middle you can see the adjustable extension piece for the back of the crown.

 I think the mess was well worth it!
Delighted with how it turned out and how my sweet girl responded to it.
Now catching a picture of my Princess in party mode that wasn't a blur.....well, that's another story...
But she danced all day and made everyone smile and was spoiled to the brim with everything a 2 year old Princess could possibly dream of...just as she should be! :)

Now to make my boys their own dress-up crowns....perhaps a piratey or super-hero theme....hmmmmm...more fun ahead either way I'm sure!


harleywife57/ Mickey White said...

you make such CUTE things !

Pam @Threading My Way said...

An adorable Princess crown, Kristy!!! I know exactly what you mean about translating what's in my head into reality... LOL!!! Is fusible fleece batting or is it stretch fabric like on a sweater?

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Hi Kristy, I've featured your Royal Princess crown today..

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