Thursday, May 10, 2012

Care 4 Caregivers!

So how's your month of May going?
Have you had any opportunities or experiences caring for caregivers?
I'd love to share your stories if so and hope to have some of my own to share soon too.

If you blog about how you have shown Care 4 Caregivers, send me the link to share with Hopeful Threads readers and if you don't blog and want to just send me the story via email, I'll be happy to share it!

Wishing many opportunities to bless & be blessed!


DebbieCPhillips said...

Just cooked, served, and cleaned up a mother's day dinner for a young mom of 3. Then bathed her 2 oldest and put them to bed while she took her friends home. I guess that is careing for a caregiver.

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