Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sewing Essential - Even Feed Foot

I have recently fallen in love with a new foot for my sewing machine. It's the Even Feed Foot or Walking Foot as it is more commonly know. 
It's one of those things I knew I needed for a while, but just finally ordered it.
Truth is, it really wasn't that expensive and I'm wondering why on earth I took so long to get it! Having sewn with it for a few months now, it has definitely, and very quickly made it's way to my "sewing essentials" list!

Most commonly thought of for quilting....and is partly why I bought it since it was one of the excuses...I mean obstacles I had to starting my first quilt. I'm slowly removing these thanks to some friendly nudging and overwhelming inspiration. :) This foot makes sewing multiple layers and thick fabrics a breeze!
Here I'm working with a cotton print, a plush Killington Flannel and a layer of thick cotton chenille and it doesn't even slow down. 
I must admit though....the appearance of this foot alone was quite intimidating to me. 
I left it in the package for quite some time after it arrived.
Finally, with the help of my mechanically gifted husband and You Tube, it was attached to my machine. And it's really easy to do too I might add.
That one little screw right there in the center is all it is. Can you believe I let that hold me back? Me either!
Not only does it glide over thick layers without bunching or shifting the fabrics, it's a dream for sewing laminated fabric, oilcloth and vinyl which are often "sticky" to sew.

Oh, and attaching ruffles....must easier with an Even Feed Foot too since it will easily  move over the gathers. 

If you are considering an Even Feed Foot, be sure to check your sewing machine manual to determine if your machine requires a specific one, some do. It's also as easy as googling your model # too. If you have a Janome, which is what I primarily sew with, you can learn more on their "Accessories" page here. I have to say too, when I first attached mine I had some questions and called their customer service line. The person...yes PERSON that answered was most knowledgeable and helpful and when she didn't feel certain of one of my questions, had another representative call me back who was not only prompt but also very knowledgeable of the product and of sewing in general. They were both a pleasure to work with and I am thankful for their help!

I love learning ways and tools that help me in my creative process! The more I sew, the more I want to sew! And who knows....this handy foot may end up helping me with that first quilting project yet!

So, if you sew multi layers, thick or laminated fabrics, you'll want to add an Even Feed Foot to your sewing essentials list too! For other items that I personally find useful and/or essential in my sewing room, search "sewing essentials" in the sidebar.

Create something new today! And have fun doing it!


Michelle said...

I love my walking foot as well. It also really makes stretchy fabrics easy to sew

Kristy said...

Great point! I haven't tried it with knits yet, but now I'm looking forward to it! Thanks!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

I've been reading how good a walking foot is for stretch fabric and ordered one today...

Melissa said...

I loved my even feed foot on my older Janome (my new one has an accufeed foot built in). It is also great for slick fabrics like minky. (PS. I used the even feed foot on my mom's older machine to quilt your quilt - worked like a charm!)

Kristy said...

I was just using it on Minky and you are right! So many uses for this great foot and makes sewing easier, more enjoyable and the finish much nicer!

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