Friday, May 25, 2012

Care 4 Caregivers home

I'm a very blessed Mama. 
I truly have 5 of the greatest kids on the planet....and I'm not even exaggerating! :)
My two oldest daughters are amazing people. 
They are giving, and nurturing and a huge help in our home. 
They are natural caregivers to their younger siblings....even when it's hard, as caring for little brothers and mischievous toddlers can be. 

We've had a seasonal cold that has taken it's turn with each of us the past couple of weeks, even getting a hold of me, and we all know it's never good when Mama gets sick! My girls have stepped it up and given me the extra time I needed to rest on my sick days and I have been most grateful for their sweet attitudes and care. 
It dawned on me that they were fully deserving of my Care 4 Caregivers recognition this week!
 I saw the perfect tutorial for these fabric bookmarks over at Zaaberry and since they are both avid readers, I thought this would be a perfect little token to say "thanks". 
 The best part is it has a little pocket to add a personal note. I found these precious cards at Kind Over Matter. If you've never visited, she has a HUGE collection of inspirational and encouraging printables that she offers free. I have used several and they always bring a smile!
I think my girls are going to love them! just sneak them inside their books when they aren't looking!
Simple. Sweet.


meghann said...

Oh, I love those! I can think of some people who would love a little gift like that…bookmarking… xo

Melissa said...

what a thoughtful mama you are! They are going to love the bookmarks :)

Studio V said...

awww.... Thats so nice!! They are going to love them!

Sondra said...

Such a very special idea! I can see that your daughters take after you!

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