Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Monthly Project Announcement!!!

Are you ready to help me kick off another awesome project????
I sure hope so!

For the November 2012 Project we will be sewing stockings to spread cheer to those who will be inpatient at Children's Hospital during Christmas! We are fortunate to have a fabulous Children's Hospital that I am thankful has provided top-notch care for my children over the years and am proud to support anytime I can!

If you have a Children's Hospital in your community that you would like to support, GREAT! Deliver your handmade stockings there when you are finished. If you don't, then I have a couple of options for you.

Sewing Miles of Smiles
My friend and fellow blogger Dona, at Sewing Miles of Smiles takes regular donations to her Children's Hospital. She is on the West side of the US and I am on the East, so if you don't have a specific place near you to deliver to, send them to whichever of us is closest to you and we will be sure to get them to our Children's Hospitals!
We hope to have our arms full for our next deliveries!!!

There will of course be incentives and inspiration shared all month long!

OH! And if you can't sew this month but still would like to be a part of the CHEER-spreading effort, send us stocking stuffers and we'll include them with the stocking donations!

Join our November Project Flickr Album here and tell us in your photo description where your stocking(s) will be donated.

Also, if you are looking for patterns, tutorials or general inspiration, find our November Project Pinterest Board here.

Questions??? Ready to ship your goodies??? Email me. :)

Grab the Project Button....add it to your blog or website....and get ready to SPREAD SOME CHEER!!!


Pam @Threading My Way said...

What a lovely idea, Kristy!!! An organisation over here, Pillowcased for Oncology, is doing a drive for Christmas pillowcases for Australian kids who will be spending Christmas in hospital. So far I've only made one, but am hoping to get a move on this month. Whilst I'm not making stockings, I'll still happily display the Stockings for Cheerbutton in my sidebar.

Pieces to Love said...

My closest children's hospital is over an hour away from me. I have a lot of irons in the fire right now, but I hope to get something made and at least shipped off to someone who can 'spread the cheer'

Lisa said...

This is awesome. My daughter is a nurse at Childrens Hospital in Nashville. I would love to make and send to them. Do you know how to go about finding out if they have anything like this (program)?

Amber said...

Hey Lis ^ Can you ask your daughter to find out? And if they do, let me know since I'm just south of Nashville!

Are we just doing stocking? What about their contents? Or would any handmade plush work (like what Sewing Miles of Smiles does)?

Laura said...

Love this idea...I'm going to sew some items for our local hospital and pregnancy center.

Sweet blessings,

Kristy said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing Laura!

HalfDozen said...

Starting on stockings now, can you email me an address to send a box too, thanks so much

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