Friday, November 2, 2012

Sewing Miles of Smiles - Our West Coast Connection to Children's Hospital!

For those of you who aren't already familiar with Dona from the blog Sewing Miles of Smiles, I've asked her to share a little with us about her on-going sewing efforts to encourage the young patients of the Children's Hospital in her community. You have the opportunity to support her sewing year round if this is a project that touches your heart. Take it away Dona! :)
Hello Everyone - I'm Dona from the Sewing Miles of Smiles blog.  I am so excited that Kristy invited me to be a part of this month's project.  Sewing Miles of Smiles will be one year old in February.  It began with a meeting with Nettie, one of the Child Life Specialists at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital PICU here in Spokane WA.  She wanted some pillows for the kids to hug when they didn't feel well or were scared.  "Pillows?", I said, "I can make pillows."  And so began my passion for the children having something special while in the hospital.

I perfected the size of the pillows over time - 10" for the child's pillow and a 6" pillow for the nurses to use to prop little arms.  But then one day Nettie said, "I'll take anything you make."  Now I deliver dolls, pillows, crayon holders, finger puppets and more every 2 weeks.  Fleece and felt are my main fabrics because they are soft and washable and I'm always on the hunt for new ideas and patterns.

I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful the feeling is knowing you have helped an ill child. I've had so many people email and tell me about their child's experience in the hospital and how much a special gift meant to them.  Come join us on this venture.  You will know you have brought smiles to so many little faces.

Dona -

Remember, Dona will be glad to accept any of your donations to take along with her to her Children's Hospital, and as I explained yesterday, with her being on the West side of the US, if you are on that side of the country, please just email when you have your items ready to send her way!


Sewing Miles of Smiles said...

Thank you Kristy. The children will love these stockings and make the hospital feel more like home. Bringing smiles is what it's all about!


Melissa said...

I am going to try my best this month, things have officially gotten crazy here, but I'm gonna try!

Pam @Threading My Way said...

Both you and Dona are amazing with all that you do!!!

Bright Angel said...

Do we have to make only stockings? I live very near Spokane and would love to help her out if this is where she is!

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